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Feel free to visit my gallery, guys! I`m doing my best to please even readers and car fans.

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well... i`ve got to admit i`m a great fan of ssbb... and ace combat... and the legend of zelda... and fire emblem... and the other games and series here...
And guess who's doing ABSOLUTELY nothing this October 31 :v Yeah, just a life update, so :/

Yeah, happy halloween or whatever it is called, i have way more important things to do =_= Making surveys to complete a homework for example. For the ones in college, you can understand, or at least i hope you do.

Curious note: You can see more atheists around here during this day :v Turns out the whole world out there is hostile out there if i say "God Bless ya, buddy"

Just that... God Bless, guys~ *hides under a rock to avoid sandstorm*
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Jonathan Flores
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El Salvador
to begin... my name is Jonathan Flores, i live in El Salvador and you wasted 5 seconds of your life reading this XD

HAHA! How did you see that!? >:D :iconthefonzplz: OK, NO, DON'T HIT ME! :icontolplz:

Well... To the point! I'm a hobbist artist (who's currently lacking of time due college (Laws school)) I like mostly literature (script format) drawing (traditional media, sketching mostly) and fanart photomanipulation (Scientific way to say i take pictures from a game called Gran Turismo 4 xD) So, my gallery is pretty humble, and rather... Unexperienced... Ohh right, i do memes, as well! Mostly ins panish, because it's funnier that way XD I might post funny stuff i find in FB, in any case, so, yeah, you can expect a bit of everything from me, but mostly what you see in my gallery XD Nice to meet ya! You're welcome to see and comment! :D Critiques are welcome... But don't crush my pride XD

Current Residence: San Salvador

deviantWEAR sizing preference: Large

Favourite genre of music: rock, techno, sountracks, orchestral, some metal :3 no screamo, mostly melodic.

Favourite photographer: Gupa507 and Blue-Petal

Favourite style of art: mostly anime/manga. I like everything that is not gorish, dark, etc xD

Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate, HUZAAHH!

MP3 player of choice: my ANDROID cellphone (which i got from dad as gift ^^!)

Wallpaper of choice: Ace Combat Zero

Favourite cartoon character: The list goes on... But favorite overall... Hmm... My OC's equally XD

Personal Quote: The life can be pretty random... So be careful, you might not know what would happen in matter of seconds e.e

I believe in Jesus Christ my Savior. If you do too and aren't scared to admit it then copy and paste this in your signature or your page. ^^


Chronicle I: Chapter 8



It’s been around two weeks now since Seiko’s appearance, and nearly a month since Jeff and Joshua came to Land Alba… Joshua, Maria and Scarlett have been residing in the building where they took Jeff and Ephraim to recover and reestablished their camp there. It was relatively secure and had plenty of room. In the meantime, Joshua has been walking around and scouting the city in a hope of finding alternate routes in case they needed to travel. He has also been calling home to know how his mother is doing. His father, Gael, has been attentive for Abigail’s health, Joshua’s mother. Gael has told him she’s still stable, but time’s now running short. She wouldn't be ok for very long... Joshua started to get a bit desperate after realizing that he, along Jeff and the angels with them are going into quicksand… Until…


Scarlett: --Going upstairs with a peculiar syringe in hands and heads to Ephraim’s bed-- Eph? Hey… --Checking if he has woken up yet, but gets no answer-- My King… It’s been two weeks now… --Sits next to him and checks all his wounds. They seem to have recovered, but for some reason, Ephraim is still unconscious-- … It must have been a tough confrontation… --Takes his arm and searches for his vein to inject the liquid inside the syringe. It seems they’re some supplements--

Ephraim: … --Gasp and opens his eyes abruptly then stays frozen for some seconds--

Scarlett: --Startled, jumps back a bit then reacts-- Ephraim! Ephraim, you’re awake!

Ephraim: Where… Am i…? --Sits up, slowly. The would stings his shoulder and flinches, holding where the bandages are-- D-dammit…! --Growls in pain--

Scarlett: Hey, take it easy… --Makes him lay down, again-- Don't rush it, ok?

Ephraim: How much time has passed since…?

Scarlett: Two weeks, a day…

Ephraim: Heck… First time I get out of service that long… I’m becoming weaker… --Chuckles to himself-- That succubus…

Scarlett: I found double the dose of the elixir she used with Jeff to immobilize you… Not to mention the cuts that she made…

Ephraim: It wasn’t just one… They were two of them… --Sighs painfully-- Dang… How serious was it?

Scarlett: I can’t compare… Both Jeff and you were almost gone when we arrived…

Ephraim: Jeff... --Gasp-- J-Jaden! --Sits up but falls on bed, holding his wounds again. Growls once again--

Scarlett: Ephraim! For the Savior King, what do you guys have with sitting up like that when you’re hurt!?

Ephraim: Sorry, sorry… --Gasps a bit then suspires-- … How is him?

Scarlett: He’s walking now… So he got better, thankfully…

Ephraim: … What about Jaden…?

Scarlett: He… He was delicate… When the succubus made the invocation, Jaden received most of the punishment of the curse to keep Jeff alive… If he wasn’t inside’s Jeff’s Inner realm, Jeff wouldn’t have made it…

Ephraim: … --Closes his eyes-- Geez… Each time it gets worse and worse… Seems demons won’t rest until they finish us all, huh…?

Scarlett: … --Remains silent--

Ephraim: … The good side of things is that I’m back… I swear, I’m not ready to hang the shoes… I’m still kicking it.

Scarlett: --Smiles a bit-- It’s great to see you’re not giving up yet…

Ephraim: What about Maria? Joshua? --Looks at her--

Scarlett: --Nods-- They’ve been scouting the surroundings… So far we’ve been in safe spot… But our safety is relative. I was fearing for them to find us before you recovered…

Ephraim: I guess we’re lucky… --Laughs a bit-- I totally got careless… I underestimated them, but…

Scarlett: Hm? --Blinks at him--

Ephraim: I noticed something … --Slowly sits up and looks at the floor, holding his wound-- … They seemed superior… As if they were highly-ranked demons… That’s probably why they were so quick… That’s a start. We now know what we’re dealing with.

Scarlett: Hey, don’t scare me like that… --Gulps-- I wanna believe we have a chance against them…

Ephraim: … Have you found anything about... Alex? 

Scarlett: Ah… --Looks down and moves head no-- … Still no signals from him… I don’t want to think the worse, but…

Ephraim: It’s been two months since he disappeared, hasn’t it…?

Scarlett: … I wonder how he’s doing…

Ephraim: We can’t just sit here and wait for him to appear… We already have some demons who wanna party...

Scarlett: Whatever you, do NOT stand up just yet, Ephraim…  --Sighs a bit irritated-- You’ll do me a favor…

Maria: --Comes upstairs and enters in Ephraim’s room, holding a plate with some breakfast-- Huh? --Turns and sees Ephraim already awake-- Eph! --Beams, puts the plate on the floor and runs, ready to jump and glomp--

Scarlett: --Holds her hoody and stops her, pulling her back-- No!

Maria: --Kneels on three and holds her throat, coughing a bit-- You didn’t have to do it…! --Gasps a bit--

Scarlett: He just got up. I don’t want him to do abrupt moves just yet.

Maria: --Gets up, rubbing her neck-- Heck, Scarlett… You didn’t have to pull that hard…

Ephraim: --Laughing energically—You guys sure know how to make my day- Ahh! --Holds wound again--  

Scarlett: Ephraim!

Maria: --Goes and knocks him on the head-- Moron!

Ephraim: Ah, dang it, Maria! --Tries to stop her--

Maria: It’s the first time I see you that hurt, Eph! Don’t be so careless next time and wait for back up! Not for nothing we are in the same team!

Scarlett: Hey, don’t do it! --Pulls her away--

Ephraim: Ouch! I know, you don’t have to remind me… --Rubs his head-- It hurts…

Maria: --Crosses arms-- You’re our leader, Eph. We’re putting our hopes on you…

Ephraim: Take it easy, sheesh… Won’t happen again, promise.

Maria: --Suspires, then smiles a bit and puts the plate on his legs-- Bon a petit, Mon Amie.

Ephraim: Ohh, it’s been so long since I heard some French from ya --Chuckles and stuffs his mouth with fruit and juice--Mmm…! --Seems delighted. Swallows-- I forgot how good food tastes! --Watery eyes--

Maria: --Laughs a bit as he sees him all cheery-- I’ll be waiting for instructions... Captain. --Straightens and bows, putting her fist over her heart-- I’ll be outside. --Turns and walks out--

Ephraim: --Notices the formality as he eats then swallows again-- Captain? … You never called me like that until now, ya’now?

Maria: --Stops and looks askance at him-- … I remembered how important you are for the team now that Alex is missing… And that now we trust our lives to your decisions… So I’ll do what I can to help, no matter the cost. --Walks out--

Ephraim: Ahh, dang it… --Looks at Scarlett-- … We are going into quicksand, aren’t we? She has never treated me like that…

Scarlett: Without Alex, you’re our only support pillar… I can comprehend her feelings.

Ephraim: … --Nods and sips his juice-- I’ll do my best. I won’t let you down, girls.

Scarlett: … --Nods to him-- I know you won’t…

Ephraim: … Well, time to get up --Puts his plate aside and slowly begins getting up-- The squadron won’t lead itself…

Scarlett: Hey… No! Stay there, Eph!

Ephraim: Hey, I can walk. A wounded shoulder won't stop me from walking, will it? --Gets up and walks-- Whoa..! Wow! --Totters a bit and puts hand on wall--

Scarlett: You’re still weak, Eph. Please go back to bed, we’ll take care of things…

Ephraim: You worry too much, Scarlett. Trust me, I’ll be ok --Goes downstairs--

Scarlett: --Huffs a bit-- But don’t come to me if the wounds get open again… --Follows him to make sure he doesn’t fall--


Ephraim goes downstairs, going straight to the living room, heading outside, until he meets Maria, Jeff and Joshua.


Jeff: --Looks at him coming down-- Eph...? Hey! --Slowly walks toward him and looks up-- Glad to see you are better! We were starting to get worried.

Ephraim: Gee, sorry for what happened, guys --Chuckles, a bit embarrassed-- I think… I messed up during that fight, eh? --Rubs back of his head ashamed--

Joshua: --Suspires-- Dude… I was starting to think you wouldn’t make it…

Ephraim: Hey, don’t you trust in your own strenght?

Joshua: Speak for yourself. If it wasn't for Scarlett, you'd be as good as dead. But I’m glad you got back up. So how you feeling?

Ephraim: Well… Shoulder stings, my legs are shaking a bit, I am really hungry, tired, I have sore throat, unable to fight at the moment, my friend and superior Alex is gone missing, I almost dragged Jeff into death, AND not to mention that we are being followed by demons who probably want us dead! … Apart from that, I’m pretty good!

Jeff: …

Joshua: That’s… --Blinks--

Jeff: One heck of an optimist…

Ephraim: There won’t be any profit if we worry like that! Anyways…  You think… You think you can give me a status report? What has happened during the time I have been knocked-out?

Maria: Ahh, well, where to begin with…?

Joshua: Care if I explain? --To Maria--

Maria: Ohh… Sure, go ahead. --Nods--

Joshua: Alright. --Nods-- Maria and I have been scouting the surroundings during this time. No signs of demons so far, though Scarlett gets uneasy sometimes… I assume that they sent some of their scouts to find us and report their leaders about it. Scarlett has been helping me with the surveillance from the rooftops of the buildings.

Ephraim: ... --Nods-- Continue.

Joshua: Also… I have analyzed our risk margin. --Moves head no-- We’re between the wall and the sword. Considering that you, Jeff and your brother Jaden are temporarily out of commission and that Scarlett is not that skilled when it comes to fighting, that only leaves Maria and I as our only defense… Not to mention that I have never killed a demon in my life and don't know how… I thought to take the lead but in these circumstances, that’d be like giving me a plane for the first time… We’d surely crash.

Scarlett: I must agree with that… Lesser demons are almost the same as humans. If it was only them, we could hold them, but Joshua has no weapon to counter Seiko or Ulrik’s attacks, so that leaves only me… I can make a clean shot if they keep enough distance, but if they get closer… --Moves head no--

Ephraim: … How good are you with knives, Joshua? If I know you as much as I think, you must be pretty skilled…

Joshua: Well… I don’t consider myself a pro, but…

Ephraim: --Searches below his cape and takes out a white knife with golden details-- Here… Think fast! --Throws it into the air. It’s headed toward Jeff--

Joshua: --Looks at it and catches with just two fingers-- …

Jeff: --As pale as a paper sheet-- … W-warn me next time you try to do that!!

Joshua: --Takes a look at the knife in his hand-- Hmm…

Maria: … That was quite impressive "Not-so-pro" guy --Laughs a bit--

Ephraim: In order to wipe a demon out, you need a blessed weapon… This will help you out.

Joshua: … It will do as a bayonet… Thanks. Will come in handy, hopefully.

Ephraim: --Nods and crosses arms-- Well, if you don’t care, I shall take the lead of this team from now on…

Joshua: Don’t mind. I work better following orders. --Smiles a bit and goes to check his rifle--

Maria: You can always count on me, Eph!

Scarlett: I’ll support the best way I can, don’t doubt it.

Jeff: ... Count me in. I am in debt with both you and Jaden, Eph… It’s the least I can do.

Ephraim: --Suspires, getting a bit calmer now-- I’m glad you guys got my back… I am thankful.

Maria: We’re waiting your instructions, Captain! --Salutes--

Ephraim: --Sits down and holds his shoulder a bit, looking reflexive-- For now it would be the best for us to stay as unnoticeable as we can. I don’t want you guys to go out by day. Switch your patrols to the night.

Joshua, Maria and Scarlett: Right.

Ephraim: Joshua… That weapon of yours can perfectly spot anyone from a very long distance, right?

Joshua: Up to two kilometers. Just leave me at a high place and the rest will be easy.

Ephraim: Well then, you’ll serve us as our eyes. Scarlett will support you on that task. Communicate with us with your those phones of yours. It’ll save some strength for us, instead of using someone as a messenger…

Joshua and Scarlett: Understood.

Ephraim: --Rubs his temples a bit-- … Maria, you already have work. Your role here is to protect Jeff. No matter the cost. So I won’t change that for now.

Maria: Understood! --Looks at him-- There won’t be a second time, I promise, ok?

Jeff: --Looks back, then looks down-- … Yeah… Thanks…

Ephraim: Jeff… Since you’re in the most delicate situation, I want you to stay here.

Jeff: But-

Ephraim: Be reasonable. You’re still recovering from the last battle and you also have to handle Jaden, who’s in recovery, at the moment.

Jeff: … Are you sure I can’t do anything else for the team?

Ephraim: Don’t worry… I might or might not have something in mind…

Jeff: … --Slowly nods-- I get it…

Joshua: What about you?

Ephraim: I need to recover as soon as possible... I’ll serve as bastion whenever demons appear.

Scarlett: You still need to rest a bit more before that…

Ephraim: How much time do you think until you consider me as good to go?

Scarlett: At least other three days, excluding today… That, of course, if you do as i say --Crosses arms and taps her foot on the floor--

Ephraim: Then let’s pray that they don’t come anywhere close during these four days… That’s all --Stands up-- If you allow me, Joshua… I need to talk with Jeff for a bit.

Joshua: … --Nods-- He’s all yours…

Ephraim: Go get ready, guys. We start our plan tonight.


Maria, Scarlett and Joshua go to their rooms, leaving Jeff and Ephraim alone in the living room.


Jeff: … So, what happens, now? You think… I’m too weak to help, don’t you? --Rubs arm-- A dead weight…

Ephraim: Is not that I think you’re weak, it is that I know you’re being targeted… That puts you in more risk than anyone of us… Show me your arms…

Jeff: My arms? Why?

Ephraim: You do it.

Jeff: … --Nods and stretches his arms--

Ephraim: Let’s see… --Takes his right arm and turns it upside down--

Jeff: --As he sees, he can see three names written in runes tattooed on his arm. He gets a bit shocked-- W-what are these…?

Ephraim: “Fear, Desire and Hatred” --Sighs-- … Seiko used these three attributes to create spirits that most prevail beneath the darkest corners of your soul… What you are afraid of, what you truly wish, and what you most hate…

Jeff: You’re saying that… That woman used my… Most grim emotions to create those three spirits?

Ephraim: You can consider them your personal demons… In the worst scenario, you’ll have to confront them on your own.

Jeff: Then… What can I do to do that!? I just don’t want to stay sitting here, doing nothing! … There must be something…

Ephraim: Each of them controls what they were created from… --Releases his arm and looks at his eyes-- In order to defeat them, you must “pass the trials” they have set to you…

Jeff: You mean… Overcome my fears, my hatred and desires…?

Ephraim: --Nods and smiles a bit--You’re starting to get the hang of it. Nice!

Jeff: … Heh… --Scratches head--Thanks for the flatter?

Joshua: Only you can figure out what you can do to overcome them… That’s what I want you to help us with. You’re smart. You’ll know better than anyone.

Jeff: …

Ephraim: The time has come for you to grow up as a better person… This will be a really intimate challenge. More dangerous, of course, because we’re facing people who wants to kill us, but serves the same purpose… To mature as a person. You still can stand back but that’ll only mean your defeat against them…

Jeff: … --Looks at his pendant-- … I’ve already said that I want to change… To be someone who you guys can rely on…

Ephraim: I need you to think carefully about it. I’ll be waiting for an answer… --Goes to his room--

Jeff: --Looks at him leaving-- … --Looks again at his pendant-- I’ve already decided this when you were asleep. I’ll give it a go, Eph.

Ephraim: Then that means that we can now give the next step… --Turns back--

Jeff: What do you mean?

Ephraim: Nothing less than to forge the man that lies deep inside you! We’re gonna train you! --Puts hands on waist and grins-- You kid are going to make your momma real proud!

Jeff: W-what!? --Blinks a bit confused--


You already said yes to It, so better get ready!

Stuff won’t be easy from now on!


 To be continued...

Guardian Angels Chronicles: Chapter 8
YAY! I have to admit that i had this one ready for a bit, but didn't want to post it just yet XD I checked it yesterday and changed some stuff, but nothing major, so you didn't miss anything big. It's what i expected... Kinda XD I'm making the plot longer, making important moments happen less likely. That's all! Enjoy!

Chapter 7: Guardian Angels Chronicles: Chapter 7

Chapter 9: Coming Soon...
And guess who's doing ABSOLUTELY nothing this October 31 :v Yeah, just a life update, so :/

Yeah, happy halloween or whatever it is called, i have way more important things to do =_= Making surveys to complete a homework for example. For the ones in college, you can understand, or at least i hope you do.

Curious note: You can see more atheists around here during this day :v Turns out the whole world out there is hostile out there if i say "God Bless ya, buddy"

Just that... God Bless, guys~ *hides under a rock to avoid sandstorm*
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to:
  • Reading: College documents, bunch of them
  • Watching: Space Dandy Season 2
  • Playing: Elsword :D
  • Eating: Nothing... Nothing, at the moment
  • Drinking: horchata :3

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