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Feel free to visit my gallery, guys! I`m doing my best to please even readers and car fans.

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well... i`ve got to admit i`m a great fan of ssbb... and ace combat... and the legend of zelda... and fire emblem... and the other games and series here...
Yeah, i missed dA past 25th =w= And will probably do next 31st XD So i just wanted you wish you happy holidays! Don't drink too much, ok? And save some food for January's first week as well XD

Also, i need help D: In GT6, to be honest. I need someone with experience with the Audi R8 5.2 FSI D:

That's all. Nothing much has happened with life, so won't bother XD

Galm 03, Out!
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Jonathan Flores
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to begin... my name is Jonathan Flores, i live in El Salvador and you wasted 5 seconds of your life reading this XD

HAHA! How did you see that!? >:D :iconthefonzplz: OK, NO, DON'T HIT ME! :icontolplz:

Well... To the point! I'm a hobbist artist (who's currently lacking of time due college (Laws school)) I like mostly literature (script format) drawing (traditional media, sketching mostly) and fanart photomanipulation (Scientific way to say i take pictures from a game called Gran Turismo 4 xD) So, my gallery is pretty humble, and rather... Unexperienced... Ohh right, i do memes, as well! Mostly ins panish, because it's funnier that way XD I might post funny stuff i find in FB, in any case, so, yeah, you can expect a bit of everything from me, but mostly what you see in my gallery XD Nice to meet ya! You're welcome to see and comment! :D Critiques are welcome... But don't crush my pride XD

Current Residence: San Salvador

deviantWEAR sizing preference: Large

Favourite genre of music: rock, techno, sountracks, orchestral, some metal :3 no screamo, mostly melodic.

Favourite photographer: Gupa507 and Blue-Petal

Favourite style of art: mostly anime/manga. I like everything that is not gorish, dark, etc xD

Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate, HUZAAHH!

MP3 player of choice: my ANDROID cellphone (which i got from dad as gift ^^!)

Wallpaper of choice: Ace Combat Zero

Favourite cartoon character: The list goes on... But favorite overall... Hmm... My OC's equally XD

Personal Quote: The life can be pretty random... So be careful, you might not know what would happen in matter of seconds e.e

I believe in Jesus Christ my Savior. If you do too and aren't scared to admit it then copy and paste this in your signature or your page. ^^


Chronicle I: Chapter 10

Reforging a soul


They group decided that instead of walking from place to place, they would rather move all their supplies to the building where the basketball court was. They dedicated the rest of the day to arrange everything to make it look like a proper base for the time they were using it, and when they least expected it, the day was finally over... The next morning…


     Jeff: --Already awake and dressed, standing on the court, looking at the windows in a reflexive manner, holding his sword-- …

     Maria: --Suddenly comes over, with only her white hoodie on-- Heck, I wish the restrooms were closer… --Yawns then sees Jeff standing there-- Jeff…? --Carefully walks over--

     Jeff: … --Looks at his sword for an instant then looks back at the window-- … --Calmly sighs and mutters something-- I willl keep my promise… Ellie…

     Maria: --Puts her hand over his shoulder gently-- Jeff…?

     Jeff: --Jumps a bit, startled-- Whoa! --Looks over and realizes it’s Maria--

     Maria: --Smiles-- Morning… Sorry for the scare.

     Jeff: Oh… It’s you --Sighs-- It’s fine…

     Maria: What were you thinking, Jeff…?

     Jeff: Hm?

     Maria: You woke up really early… Something’s wrong?

     Jeff: --Moves head no and looks out once again-- Just some personal thoughts… It’s been a whole month since Joshua and I came over here in search of my mother’s journal… So many things have happened since then…

     Maria: --Gets a bit closer and looks at him-- You have matured quite a lot since then… And that’s great…

     Jeff: … --Looks at his sword-- You know… To wield a sword and fight my fears… My dark being as a whole… At first sounds symbolic if you see it from a normal perspective… Then I realized that… All this is real… It’s not just a bad dream, neither a symbolic fight anymore…

     Maria: … Are you afraid of going out there to face your personal demons…?

     Jeff: --Nods-- Yeah… But at the same time, I have that wish… Of moving forward… I truly wish to become someone strong in every sense…

     Maria: You have become stronger, that’s for certain…

     Jeff: … --Smiles a bit and looks down-- It has been thanks to you guys, I suppose…

     Maria: … Jeff?

     Jeff: Hm? --Looks at her--

     Maria: --Smile fades and stays silent for a few seconds-- The one that should become stronger it’s me… Because I haven’t been able to protect you all this time… --Looks down at her feet-- Since I became a Guardian Angel, I swore with my sword in hand that I would let no one suffer while I was part of the Althean Kingdom… I swore to give my life for that purpose… And look at all the suffering you’ve had to stand because of me…

     Jeff: … You know what I think? --Grabs her hand and pats it-- Being a Guardian Angel… My Guardian Angel… You have done a great work… Because you have supported me all this time… And that support has surely helped me to stand up and carry on, and I am truly thankful for that. To tell you the truth… --Looks at her-- It’s been so long since someone has helped me this much.

     Maria: --Eyes widen a bit and slightly blushes as he takes her hand-- I-it’s nothing, really! I mean… You’re my friend, right? And that’s what friends do!

     Jeff: --Releases her hand and laughs a bit-- I guess I can consider you a true friend, after all…

     Maria: Ah… --Looks at him, still blushy-- Yeah… --Looks away in embarrassment-- W-well… Would you like to start your training?

     Jeff: --Nods and looks at his sword-- Let’s get started then. --Swings his sword--

     Maria: H-hey, wait! --Stands back, blushing a lot more, covering herself a bit-- I can’t train like this!

     Jeff: Huh? What’s the matter? --Checks her and realizes she’s only wearing her hoodie. Startles and blushes a bit and looks at her face-- Ohh… That… --Laughs awkwardly, rubbing his arm--

     Maria: You don’t want to look somewhere else while you train!

     Jeff: Hmm… --Crosses arms and looks away slightly--

     Maria: … --Grins teasingly-- Unless someone’s curious, hm?

     Jeff: --Snaps and mutters-- Cu-cut it out, will ya!? --Stuttering--

     Maria: --Laughs and pats shoulder-- Joking, joking. I’ll be right back…

     Jeff: --Sighs and rubs his face with one hand-- Ohh geez... I wanted to train normally, then this happens...

     Maria: --To herself as she walks away-- What the hell was that? Did I really say that!? Gee… For some reason, though… He looks sort of cute... --Shakes head-- What am I saying, heck!?


Maria soon left back to her room to get dressed and ready for today’s training. She came back to the court a couple of minutes later with a pair of sticks…


     Jeff: --Sitting on one of the chairs of the court, whistling and looking around--

     Maria: Hey! --Waves, coming over--

     Jeff --Turns and notices the sticks she brought with her-- … What are those for…?

     Maria: I took the freedom to make them in my free time! --Hands one to him--

     Jeff: --Blinks confused and takes it, looking at it-- …


As he examines it closer, the shape of the stick looks rather uniform, as if Maria shaped it herself to make it look like a training sword. It also had a foam tip on the end. The hand-crafted wooden sword even had a small leaf coming from the handle.


     Jeff: So, we’re training with… Sticks… --Raises an eyebrow--

     Maria: Yep! But if you truly wanna feel the steel of my blade… --Unsheathes her sword--

     Jeff: --Jumps back, scared-- … Yeah, I’ll stick with the… Stick, while it might sound redundant…

     Maria: That's what i thought --Chuckles and goes to the center of the court, waiting for him-- Say, how much of the arts of combat do you know?

     Jeff: Well, now that you asked, I know my share of techniques… --Getting used to the wooden sword and stretching a bit--

     Maria: I’ll find out… As your first lesson, everything you have to do is to hit me with that stick --Puts hers on the floor and stands there--

     Jeff: Huh? That seems like an easy task… Are you sure you don’t wanna use your stick to block me?

     Maria: --Smiling-- Nope~ Now come get me!

     Jeff: … Alright, if you say so… --Quickly charges at her and swings his stick--

     Maria: --She swiftly spins to the left and kicks Jeff’s right leg, making him lose balance. She soon takes Jeff’s right arm and takes the stick away from him, rapidly putting it in over his neck, stopping him from falling as she pulls his shirt--

     Jeff: --A bit pale, sweating a bit of the nerves-- …

     Maria: Do you see why the sticks, now? --Looking at him calmly, with a smile on her face-- Try thinking about your next move next time.

     Jeff: --Swallows loudly-- … You’re just playing around with me, aren’t you?

     Maria: --Lets him go-- You have a lot to polish… Let’s try again.

     Jeff: --Falls as she lets him go-- Ough!

     Maria: --Laughs--

     Jeff: --Grumbles-- Come on, you’re just making fun of me!

     Maria: I started like that, so you can’t say I don’t know how the feeling is.

     Jeff: --Gets up and picks up the stick-- Fine, fine… --Sighs and stands back--

     Maria: --Stays still, waiting for him--

     Jeff: … --Calms down and walks around her, concentrating on her this time, watching closely--

     Maria: --Turning as he keeps walking-- … You’re sure taking your time now, aren’t ya-

     Jeff: Hang on, gee! I’m still thinking… --Keeps moving around-- … --Dashes once again, this time swinging vertically downward--

     Maria: --Evades the hit and gets closer, ready to grab his arm--

     Jeff: --Shakes her hand off and rolls over Maria’s right side, swinging horizontally aggressively--

     Maria: --Turns and sees the hit coming. She quickly crouches and kicks Jeff’s legs--

     Jeff: --Loses balance for a bit but gains control. He walks back to charge again and swing diagonally downward, yelling--

     Maria: --Evades the hit and grabs his arm, pulling him closer to hit his stomach with his elbow--

     Jeff: !!! --Kneels down as Maria’s hit lands-- Agh… Dammit…

     Maria: --Stands back and puts hands on hips, leaning a bit toward him-- That wasn’t bad at all!

     Jeff: … --Panting-- Gee, you hit really hard…

     Maria: You ok?

     Jeff: Yeah, yeah… --Nods and looks up at her-- Just give me a sec…

     Maria: I found what your problem is… Don’t grab a bladed sword like a baseball bat. Or a metal bar. If you want to master your skills then you first need to understand what a sword is.

     Jeff: --Grumbles a bit-- … How should I handle it, then?

     Maria: --Shows him with her hand-- As you hold the handle, stretch your thumb a bit more… See?

     Jeff: --Nods and tries it himself-- How is this supposed to help?

     Maria: You’ll realize soon --Smiles and puts her sword on her right shoulder-- Swordsmanship requires technique, delicacy and practice. A lot of practice --Helps him stand up--

     Jeff: --Gets up and rubs his stomach-- … So what do you suggest?

     Maria: You already have the basics skills to start practicing with a sword. So I’m gonna teach you my swordsmanship style.

     Jeff: … --Nods-- Alright then. What’s first?

     Maria: Just do as I do, ok? --Opens her legs, one forward and one on the back, putting her wooden sword in front of her--

     Jeff: --Looks at her stance and copies it-- Like this?

     Maria: Open your legs more.

     Jeff: --Does as she instructed-- Ok…

     Maria: My first master always told me that swordsmanship is like a well-rehearsed choreography… No matter how graceful, swift or aggressive a person attacks, in the end, you’re doing the same basic movements you learned at first… Watch me closely and follow me.

     Jeff: --Nods once again-- Alright!


Maria and Jeff then started practicing the movements that Maria first learned long ago… From mistake to mistake, correction to correction and step by step, Jeff began understanding the true face of the sword’s art… The hours began passing as they kept practicing…


     Joshua: --Yawning, holding a coffee cup, enters the court and sees Maria and Jeff already up-- Huh?

     Maria: --Swinging her sword and yelling in every swing, instructing Jeff-- Oben! Recht! Unten! Linke! Oben!

     Jeff: --Keeping up her pace, moving his sword to a certain direction with each word she says. However, he’s sweating a lot and panting heavily--

     Joshua: Huh…? --Blinks as he sees them practicing-- Hey, guys!

     Jeff: Huh? Joshua!

     Maria: Focus! --Hits his hand with her sword-- Recht! Embetten!

     Jeff: Oww! --Shakes hand and keeps going, enduring the hit. Swings his sword left and then thrusts forward--

     Maria: Ok, enough. --Straightens and pants a bit--

     Jeff: --Puts arms on his knees and pants heavily--

     Joshua: It looks like you got yourself a strict instructor, eh? --Laughs--

     Jeff: … It’s not… Much different from you… --Still trying to catch his breath--

     Maria: You did quite an excellent job, I gotta admit… I didn’t think you’d keep up with me for so long, actually… Go rest, we’ll continue tomorrow --Sits down on the floor and sighs deeply--

     Jeff: --Slowly recovering-- … 

     Maria: I haven’t practiced this much in ages… I think I’ll take a shower now --Gets up and walks inside--

     Joshua: Hey Jeff --Goes and checks him-- Want some breakfast or something?

     Jeff: --Simply nods-- … Water…

     Joshua: --Turns and leaves--

     Jeff: … Hey Joshua… --Straightens and looks at him-- Remember when you taught me how to fight when I was 13…? --Laughs a bit between pants-- I remember you used to hit me just like she did whenever I got distracted… --Checks his hand--

     Joshua: … Hm. Well, both Maria and I were strict, I guess.

     Jeff: I got used to it as time passed, anyway… --Closes his hand--

     Joshua: … --Smiles and turns, walking inside-- Train harder and you’ll improve.

     Jeff: Yeah… At this, rate, I’m going to be better than you, don’t you think? --Chuckles to himself--

     Joshua: --Stops as he hears-- … Is that a challenge?

     Jeff: … What if it is? --Grinning, walks toward him--

     Joshua: There are things that you should never reveal to your apprentice, ya’now?

     Jeff: Hehe…

     Joshua: I should start practicing a bit, in that case…

     Jeff: Be careful, though. You’re already an old man --Laughs-- You don’t wanna break something inside that body of yours.

     Joshua: --Smacks the back of his head-- You’ll see who’s old!

     Jeff: Ouch! --Rubs his head, laughing--

     Joshua: Come here and let me show you! --Puts his arm around his neck and holds tightly--

     Jeff: Hey, I’m not quite recovered yet! --Tries to get away--

     Joshua: Yeah, right! Who's the old man now, Jeff!?

     Jeff: --Grunting, talking forcedly-- Don’t press that tight, at least!

     Maria: WHY YOU-!!! --Throws her boots and belts as the guys enter the showers hallway--


Jeff and Joshua see the clothes flying at them and go out of the hallway, immediately closing the doors afterwards, both of them flustered…


     Maria: I THOUGHT YOU HEARD ME WHEN I SAID I WAS GONNA TAKE A SHOWER! --Infuriated, crying out loud from the shower--

     Joshua: S-sorry for that!

     Jeff: --Stands and rests back against the door nervously-- … --Looks at Joshua--

     Joshua: --Looks at Jeff and bursts in laughter all of the sudden--

     Jeff: --Laughs with him loudly almost immediately--


The rest of the day passed just like the others, and the sun was again hiding beyond the horizon, leaving the darkness of the night envelope Land Alba once again…


To be continued…
Guardian Angel Chronicles: Chapter 10
Guess who's back from a massive writer's bolck!? That's right, you bunch of- Ok no, no profanity XD

Took me a while to get this chapter done, and i'm sort of disappointed that i'm not advancing in the plot as quick as i first thought... On the other hand, that makes the story longer! Will give me the chance to develop the characters a bit more and make them seem complete XD

I guess there's nothing else to add... So enjoy!

Chapter 9:…

Chapter 11: Coming Soon...

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