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Feel free to visit my gallery, guys! I`m doing my best to please even readers and car fans.

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well... i`ve got to admit i`m a great fan of ssbb... and ace combat... and the legend of zelda... and fire emblem... and the other games and series here...
Yeah, i missed dA past 25th =w= And will probably do next 31st XD So i just wanted you wish you happy holidays! Don't drink too much, ok? And save some food for January's first week as well XD

Also, i need help D: In GT6, to be honest. I need someone with experience with the Audi R8 5.2 FSI D:

That's all. Nothing much has happened with life, so won't bother XD

Galm 03, Out!
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Jonathan Flores
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El Salvador
to begin... my name is Jonathan Flores, i live in El Salvador and you wasted 5 seconds of your life reading this XD

HAHA! How did you see that!? >:D :iconthefonzplz: OK, NO, DON'T HIT ME! :icontolplz:

Well... To the point! I'm a hobbist artist (who's currently lacking of time due college (Laws school)) I like mostly literature (script format) drawing (traditional media, sketching mostly) and fanart photomanipulation (Scientific way to say i take pictures from a game called Gran Turismo 4 xD) So, my gallery is pretty humble, and rather... Unexperienced... Ohh right, i do memes, as well! Mostly ins panish, because it's funnier that way XD I might post funny stuff i find in FB, in any case, so, yeah, you can expect a bit of everything from me, but mostly what you see in my gallery XD Nice to meet ya! You're welcome to see and comment! :D Critiques are welcome... But don't crush my pride XD

Current Residence: San Salvador

deviantWEAR sizing preference: Large

Favourite genre of music: rock, techno, sountracks, orchestral, some metal :3 no screamo, mostly melodic.

Favourite photographer: Gupa507 and Blue-Petal

Favourite style of art: mostly anime/manga. I like everything that is not gorish, dark, etc xD

Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate, HUZAAHH!

MP3 player of choice: my ANDROID cellphone (which i got from dad as gift ^^!)

Wallpaper of choice: Ace Combat Zero

Favourite cartoon character: The list goes on... But favorite overall... Hmm... My OC's equally XD

Personal Quote: The life can be pretty random... So be careful, you might not know what would happen in matter of seconds e.e

I believe in Jesus Christ my Savior. If you do too and aren't scared to admit it then copy and paste this in your signature or your page. ^^


Quick Sketch: Scarlett, Alex and Jaden by Galm03
Quick Sketch: Scarlett, Alex and Jaden
Or not so quick... Took me around 3 hours xD  And it might look cleaner despite being "quick"... It could look slightly better, but... xD Well, anyways!

As for their heights, you can use the notebook lines to measure them. I made a rough calculation using them so that'd be their official height, Scarlett being 19 years old here, Alex being 26 and Jaden being 17. If by any chance you're reading the story (Guardian Angel Chronicles) then i should tell you that Scarlett's a bit older there... 22 years old XD

On a side note, i really like how Scarlett turned out~ She's so pretty ;W; Now i have to give Maria and Eph some justice, since i've improved a bit (Thanks to :iconannadrujok: for telling me that Alex looked like a girl in a previous picture i won't show you... (Unless you people insist... (Thing i don't think will happen because i don't have that much attention)))

If week goes smoothly, i might be able to draw Maria and Eph, then make :iconannadrujok:'s request XD

Also... :iconroddy1990: since you might or might not be curious... :v

Guess that's all for now... Enjoy!


I think i edited the previous picture a bit too much and the lines looked... weird... So here you go XD
THIS! by Galm03

My level of indignation about what dA is now is high, so expect profanity


THIS CRAP! This is the kind of crap dA is turning into! This also explains why my interest in this site is getting smaller and smaller everytime i come =w= I mean, yeah, butts, no one complains, but the fact that they appear in a deviation that has nothing to do with butts is what bugs me. dA is basically telling you "HERE, WE HAVE BUTTS SO YOU COULD SPEND MORE TIME PULLING THE GOOSE FROM THE NECK RATHER THAN WATCHING ACTUAL ART"

I mean yeah, people draws nudity and all. Yeah, there are pictures as well, but COME ON, they are posted where they are supposed to and have a warning before you actually see them! I mean it, for me, dA is so broken that it lost its previous (and glorious for the people who has been here as long as i've been and even more) identity.

That being said... I guess i'll just log off and come back in a couple of months to see if dA gets worse...

End of rant.

Chronicle I: Chapter 9

The Shelter…

The next day, at the city’s outskirts, a lone man was walking by the roads that led to the valleys of Land Alba… This man was cloaked, wearing a rouge outfit… It was the demon that attacked Jeff and company for the first time. Frexios…

     Frexios: --It seems he’s talking on some kind of phone-- I tell you, these humans are smart! Their phones are just phenomenal! And with a little tweak here and there, I can call you wherever I am, babe! This is awesome! Whenever these bastards from the Hellian Army conquer this place, I’m telling them to get me some technology! Maybe we can make some profit!

     ???: --A young woman replies-- Come on, darling… You only think about money. What about me? Am I not good enough to make you happy? --Giggles somewhat in a sultry tone--

     Frexios: Of course you are, Chi! --Laughs-- But come on, my money won’t last forever, we gotta invest on something, really! Remember when I told you I was richer than I would have wanted to in my whole life? Well, I realized that the money we have won’t last for much longer so I thought about some business, that’s all!

     Chi: When are you getting back, then? I’m starting to feel lonely in your mansion…

     Frexios: Hopefully after this last job --Grunts-- They’re not paying me enough for the precious information I just got for them… Well, last time they didn’t. If they still act all stingy on me, I swear I’m gonna steal all their gold…

     Chi: You don’t really have to risk your life that much, baby… What if you get hurt? I won’t be there to help you, and I don’t know what I would do in this mansion without you… Because… Well…

     Frexios: Huh? --His phone blips-- A photo?

     Chi: Open it~

     Frexios: --Takes off his hood and checks-- Hm? --Opens it-- Ooohhhohohohoh! --Laughs, enjoying the sight on his phone-- Lovely~

     Chi: I’m like this right now…~ You’ve lost a lot of fun while you were doing business…

     Frexios: You look delightful~ I promise after this work I’m going home right away! Can’t wait to get my reward, sweetie~

     Chi: And more, I can assure you --Laughs in sultry tone once again-- See ya… --Whispers on the speaker and hangs--

     Frexios: --Suspires, seeming delighted-- I got myself a goddess! --Claps and rubs hands rapidly-- Now I’m eager to go back!

After some minutes walking, he finally reaches a stone road leading to a castle at the top of the hills, next to the valleys. As he gets closer, he sees guards coming from there.

     Guard 1: Huh? Hey… --Nudges his companion--The hired assassin…

     Guard 2: --Looks over-- Crap, not him again… You deal with him, I’ll go call the General… --Turns back and leaves--

     Frexios: Well, well! How’s the work so far? Still guarding that castle for the cretin you guys call “General”?  --Smirking as he walks closer--

     Guard 1: You better respect him, scum! He can easily take you out in a-

     Frexios: --Waves to him as he passes by-- Yeah, yeah, a single blow, I know, you told me last time, I don’t care, I just want my payment. You do your work here and make space for the great Frexios Ariosti!

     Guard 1: --Growls-- Unmannered cowboy!

     Frexios: I’m as cool as that, you know it, dumbass!

     Guard 1: Hey, wait! No one let you in!

     Frexios: I follow my own rules, so you better shut your hole!

     Guard 1: You impertinent-

     Guard 2: --Coming back with his partner-- Let him go… --Glares at Frexios--They told me to let him in.

     Guard 1: That bastard…

     Frexios: --Smirks in victory-- Thanks!

Frexios soon enters the castle and heads to the quarters of his contractors. While making his way, someone catches his attention… Agair, the soldier with heavy armor and short hair, resting his back on the wall of the hallway.

     Frexios: … You…

     Agair: --Doesn’t turn, even when Frexios was talking about him--

     Frexios: I never expected you to be here, Agair… --Stops in front of him, looking at the end of the hallway--

     Agair: Brother… --Turns and looks at Frexios-- I hope your life as a hired mercenary is better than it appears…

     Frexios: They pay well… Well, with the only exception of your boss… It would be nice of you to convince him to pay me what I deserve for such great work I’m doing, ya’now?

     Agair: --Turns and walks away--

     Frexios: What? Not even an “I’m happy to see you, brother?”

     Agair: You know I give no sympathy for you…

     Frexios: Yeah, I missed ya too… Screw you, Agair --Walks forward, turning left on the hallway--

     Ulrik: --Resting his back on the door of what appears to be the entrance of his room-- Rich boy!

     Frexios: --Ignores him--

     Ulrik: What? Forgot me already?

     Frexios: Pretty much… Who are you? --Just keeps walking--

     Ulrik: Come on, don’t tell me you already forgot that old friend your ex had long, long ago, hm~?

     Frexios: Mmm, nope, still don’t remember.

     Ulrik: You jerk --Scowls-- As if seeing you was comforting.

     Frexios: Do me a favor and shut up, kiddo --Waves-- Just tell me where your boss is.

     Ulrik: Kiddo… Hmph --Looks aside, a bit offended-- The usual spot, I guess…

     Frexios: I’ll give you some alms for that, thank you! --Looks back, smirking--

     Ulrik: Save it for yourself, I don’t need any! --Grunts and looks away-- Idiot.

     Frexios finally reaches the castle stairways, leading to the main rooms. He soon finds Seiko coming out of one of them.

     Frexios: Huh? --Looks at her--

     Seiko: --Humming a tune, looking rather satisfied--

     Frexios: Look who we have here! --Laughs--    

     Seiko: Huh? --Turns over and sees Frexios coming-- Ohh… Frexios, dear~ --Goes over--

     Frexios: Been a while, huh? How you doing? Naughty as always?

     Seiko: --Crosses arms and looks away, puffing up her cheeks--  None of your business, Frexios… Anyways. What are you doing here?

     Frexios: Business matters… I came here a couple of weeks ago. Didn’t you notice me?

     Seiko: No, I didn’t… Ohh, Well, at least I got to see one friendly person at last! Do you have some time to ease my loneliness…? --Fingers his chest--

     Frexios: Work must be done, darling --Laughs-- Probably next time.

     Seiko: Aww… You are boring, Frexios…

     Frexios: Besides, you seem happy for some reason. I don’t think you need me --Chuckles-- Where’s that Ehxas guy, by the way?

     Seiko: His office…  --Points at the end of the corridor--

     Frexios: Thanks! --Goes over and knocks the door-- Helllloooo, mister Ehxas!

     Ehxas: --From inside-- The door’s open.

     Frexios: --Comes in and walks toward the desk, sitting down and putting his feet on the desk-- Well, you’re one kind of a boring person, aren’t you?

     Ehxas: --Giving his back to him. This guy with long, messy hair ending with a tail was in front of a big bookshelf, reading a book in hands-- You don’t know the adage “Knowledge is power”, do you?

     Frexios: Only works when you learn the things books have from outside of them. Anyway… You must know why I’m here.

     Ehxas: … --Turns and shows his face. He had dark blue eyes and a thin scar over his right eye. His hair had a really dark red tone, and some fringes covered his forehead. He was wearing a heavy armor, just like Agair was-- You got the information I asked for?

     Frexios: First things first… --Takes out a folded paper from his suit-- My invoice…

     Ehxas: … Worthy demons are so… Mammonish, nowadays…

     Frexios: I have to earn my food, ya know? --Chuckles-- I might be rich, but that doesn’t mean I will be forever… And the bits of information I got are worth it.

     Ehxas: … --Goes over and takes the paper, looking at it-- … Alright --Takes a pen and signs--

     Frexios: Thank you good General Ehxas! Now my part of the job --Stands up and takes another piece of paper from his suit-- I managed to get this from the angels…

     Ehxas: Remind me how you found them --Takes it and looks at it--

     Frexios: One of them left this paper there. I guess is some sort of journal…

     Ehxas: --Reading the paper, muttering as he continues-- … “Alex” … “Three months since we came” …

     Frexios: Ready for the interesting part…?

     Ehxas: Go ahead.

     Frexios: Read the end of the page.

     Ehxas: Hm? --Goes straight to the end of the page and reads--  “… Ephraim Bellmont” --Eyes widen a bit--

     Frexios: I got one name. I can investigate more on my own if you wish… Sneak some records…

     Ehxas: No.

     Frexios: What? --Blinks-- You sure? It seems pretty easy to find… I mean, I’ve met him plenty of times before…

     Ehxas: What does he look like?

     Frexios: Nothing much to tell. Tall guy, pale blue eyes, messy hair… The times I’ve seen him, he was wearing the typical Althean Vanguard uniform… Ohh, and this sort of cape belt with a gryphon emblem…

     Ehxas: … --Grits teeth a bit--

     Frexios: … Come to think of it… --Looks at Ehxas closer-- You look quite a bit like him…

     Ehxas: --Turns and walks toward the window-- Thanks for your collaboration. I’ll pay an extra for this information.

     Frexios: Whoa! --Laughs-- Now you’re generous. How much are we talking about? Twenty percent?

     Ehxas: Fifty. I’ll double it if you want. But that’s all I have to ask.

     Frexios: --Suspires, a wide smile on his face-- I am honored to be as useful as you expected, oh generous General! --Bows--

     Ehxas: … You can go.

     Frexios: I’ll be waiting my payment in the usual account --Turns and leaves the room--

     Ehxas: --Opens the window and looks at the paper, again-- … Ephraim… -- Looks at the sky, frowning--

     Suddenly, someone knocks on the door.

     Ehxas: …

     ???: General Ehxas --The voice of a woman sounds--

     Ehxas: Come in!

     ???: --A woman wearing what it seems the female version of Ehxas armor comes in. Long white hair and yellow eyes-- Sir. We got advances of our research.

     Ehxas: … Go ahead, Metella. I’m all ears…

     Metella: --Nods-- Clues of an Avalon Gate seem to be not too far from this region. We found a strange mountain pattern that looks like a circle from afar…

     Ehxas: … Good. Keep researching.

     Metella: --Salutes-- What about the angels, sir…?

     Ehxas: … I might have an idea for them…  Stop their search for some time. Let them lurk around the place…

     Metella: But General-

     Ehxas: Do as I say. Judging the route our scouts have been tracing from them, it seems that they want to cross the cannal… We’ll let them cross it…

     Metella: … Understood, sir. Anything else…?

     Ehxas: Nothing. You can go.

     Metella: --Salutes once again and leaves the room--

     Ehxas: … Time has come for you to show me what you got, Eph… --Looks out of the window--

… Back to Land Alba city, through the alleys of the buildings that were still standing… Ephraim and company were walking around, with only their weapons in hand… They seemed to be moving somewhere inside the alleys.

     Maria: Eph… Remind me where
we are going again? --Moves her head aside, looking forward as she walks behind him--

     Ephraim: You just follow me, ok?

     Jeff: Just tell us already! What’s so important between these alleys, pray tell?

     Ephraim: You’ll see, just stop whining, already! You’re not hearing Scarlett or Joshua complaining, do you?

     Joshua: I just don’t have anything to say.

     Scarlett: A-and I’m rather curious to see what you found! --Holding her bow onto her chest--

     Ephraim: Don’t make a big deal about this, ok? We’re close! --Turns and jogs over a metallic, wide basement door at the end of the alley. He rapidly opens it--

     Joshua: Huh…?

     Ephraim: Come in! You’ll see when you get down there!

Everybody was confused, they all just looked at each other for some seconds until finally going into the basement
and down the stairs. There was a corridor that turned left, going into one of the building’s basements…

     Jeff: Gee… This is starting to feel eerie…

     Ephraim: Just hang in there… --Grumbling--

They all turn to the left once again. As soon as the corridor ended, they could see a wide underground basketball court and its respective seating aside, lit by the daylight that entered through the windows reaching the ceiling. It looked pretty neat to be abandoned for 11 years. There was another door open at the end of the court.

     Ephraim: Here it is! What do you think? --Beaming--

     Maria: It’s… --Looking around--

     Jeff: … A basketball court…

     Scarlett: --Walks forward and goes through the next door--

     Joshua: An underground basketball court…

     Ephraim: Don’t you think this looks amazing? --Grinning like a kid--

     Maria: It’s sporty…

     Jeff: Well… To be honest… No, it’s not a big deal.

     Ephraim: --Snaps and blinks-- W-what!?

     Joshua: I don’t really see why this is so brilliant… It’s just a court…

     Ephraim: Guys, use your imagination… We’re being pursued by demons. So what’s an underground basketball court hidden among skyscrapers in middle of an abandoned city for us?

     Maria: --Seems a bit confused, but snaps and reacts-- Ohh! I see what you mean now!

     Jeff: --Looks at Joshua-- …

     Joshua: --Looks at Jeff-- …

     Jeff: … Ohh wait, a hideout!

Joshua and Jeff start laughing and point at each other, finally getting what Ephraim was showing them.

     Jeff: Gee! Why didn’t you tell us before!?

     Maria: You guys are a bit slow… --Irritated face-- It wasn’t that hard to figure out.

     Jeff: Hey! --Crosses arms, glaring at Maria--

     Maria: Hey, don’t take it personal, just a joke!

     Joshua: It had to involve me? --Irritated face, looking at Maria--

     Maria: Ok, sorry about that, ok? --Sweats awkwardly--

     Scarlett: --From the door at the other side of the court-- They got showers! And they work!

     Maria: Oh my God, showers! --Goes rapidly where Scarlett is-- Hang in there, Scarlett, I’m going!

     Jeff: --Looks at Maria getting all hyped about showers-- … Well, at least she’s girly when she wants to… --Blinks--

     Ephraim: We can use this place until the demons cool down a bit!

     Joshua: It’s not that far from our base, so I can see this as an emergency refuge… It might work. Did you see if we can go upstairs?

     Ephraim: Yep! The whole building is connected to this place, so it’d be easy for us to move around.

     Maria: --comes back without her gloves, as if holding some water in her palms. Her hands seem very wet-- Eph, they got showers~! Look! It’s water! Clean water!

The boys look at her a bit surprised…

     Maria: And they even have heaters for them, Eph! Touch! It’s warm~!

     Ephraim: … You seriously got all excited about showers…?

     Maria: You guys are stinky men! Not like us! We girls need showers quite often, you know!? We haven't showered properly in days! And you guys are starting to get smelly!

     Jeff: --Starts laughing loudly--

     Maria: --Glares at Jeff-- You touch this! --Puts her hands over his face--

     Jeff: AAHH! HOT! --Pushes her hands away--

     Joshua: --Laughs loudly as he sees her acting all childishly--

     Jeff: Don’t do it again, dang it!

     Maria: You deserved it for being such a jerk, Jeff!

     Jeff: Still, they’re just showers, geez… --Grumbling, looks away--

     Ephraim: Ohh right… Maria. Since we got this place, why don’t you start with Jeff’s training?

     Jeff: The what? --Blinks, looking at them--

     Maria: Will do! --Spins around-- This place is the perfect classroom for you, little grasshopper! --Throws the few drops of water from her hands--

     Jeff: Hey, stop it! --Drops fall on his face--

     Joshua: --Still laughing a bit-- I’ll just go check the place, ok? --Pats Jeff’s shoulder and goes deeper into the building--    

     Maria: I have some plans for you, but that’ll be later! I wanna get the feel of the place a bit more! Scarlett! --Goes back to the showers--

     Ephraim: --Laughs a bit, mixing happiness and awkwardness-- She… She sometimes feels like a kid…

     Jeff: Hah! You don’t say… --Cleans face-- So I will start my training with her?

     Ephraim: Since she wields a sword, it’d be appropriate if you learned something from her swordplay style first. It might come in handy!

     Jeff: --Nods-- Alright. In the meantime, I’ll go accompany Joshua. God knows the girls will freak him out with their sudden girly outburst… --Jogs and goes after Joshua-- JOSH!

     Ephraim: --Laughs looking at him leaving-- It’s been quite a while since… --Opens the satchel around him and takes out a folder. It’s stuffed with a lot of papers. He soon opens it and turns the pages, looking at his content-- … --Sighs-- It’s a shame these times will never come back…

     Jeff: --Suddenly comes from the showers-- Eph! Scarlett broke one pipe and got all wet! We might need some help with it…

     Ephraim: What!? Dang it, going! --Puts the folder back in place and rapidly goes--

Come to think of it… Being around them…

I guess now it’s the time to make new ones…

To be continued...
Guardian Angel Chronicles: Chapter 9
Got motivation shot once again! This time wrote a chapter that was not in my plans! XD YAY FOR ME! Anyways, hope you read guys XD

Chapter 8: Guardian Angel Chronicles: Chapter 8

Chapter 9: Coming Soon...

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