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Feel free to visit my gallery, guys! I`m doing my best to please even readers and car fans.

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well... i`ve got to admit i`m a great fan of ssbb... and ace combat... and the legend of zelda... and fire emblem... and the other games and series here...


Ok... Ok, tha probably was a bit too much fanboyism for a game like this... But I tell ya, no game has made me laugh like an idiot and tear up just by seeing it's trailer... Ok, there was Gran Turismo 6 that made me flail my hands like a retard and Ace Combat Zero, back then when it still was new, that made my breath shaky... What a time to be alive ;W; An Nintendo didn't make it that bad! I mean, they made a recycled Metroid and a filler Zelda, but heck, they know how to make filler games look fun XD And the new Fire Emblem that has some time around and seems to be even more promising than Awakening, since it has got me watching the second trailer they made in a daily basis... Yeah XD

This E3 has been an interesting one, since Sony had its share of the hype, with the FF VII remaster (which didn't impress me that much since they made it look sort of... Like a fantastic Metal Gear, but meh, I still need to see more) The Chibi Final Fantasy that looks like Kingdom Hearts, the NEW Kingdom Hearts with those profound characters in the end (which I like) But no news about GT7 :iconsaitamaplz: which is sad... But they're still working in GT6, so that's sort of good, right?

And Microsoft... Microsoft... Eh...
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Jonathan Flores
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El Salvador
to begin... my name is Jonathan Flores, i live in El Salvador and you wasted 5 seconds of your life reading this XD

HAHA! How did you see that!? >:D :iconthefonzplz: OK, NO, DON'T HIT ME! :icontolplz:

Well... To the point! I'm a hobbist artist (who's currently lacking of time due college (Laws school)) I like mostly literature (script format) drawing (traditional media, sketching mostly) and fanart photomanipulation (Scientific way to say i take pictures from a game called Gran Turismo 4 xD) So, my gallery is pretty humble, and rather... Unexperienced... Ohh right, i do memes, as well! Mostly ins panish, because it's funnier that way XD I might post funny stuff i find in FB, in any case, so, yeah, you can expect a bit of everything from me, but mostly what you see in my gallery XD Nice to meet ya! You're welcome to see and comment! :D Critiques are welcome... But don't crush my pride XD

Current Residence: San Salvador

deviantWEAR sizing preference: Large

Favourite genre of music: rock, techno, sountracks, orchestral, some metal :3 no screamo, mostly melodic.

Favourite photographer: Gupa507 and Blue-Petal

Favourite style of art: mostly anime/manga. I like everything that is not gorish, dark, etc xD

Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate, HUZAAHH!

MP3 player of choice: my ANDROID cellphone (which i got from dad as gift ^^!)

Wallpaper of choice: Ace Combat Zero

Favourite cartoon character: The list goes on... But favorite overall... Hmm... My OC's equally XD

Personal Quote: The life can be pretty random... So be careful, you might not know what would happen in matter of seconds e.e

I believe in Jesus Christ my Savior. If you do too and aren't scared to admit it then copy and paste this in your signature or your page. ^^


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Chronicle I: Chapter 6

Demons Inside…


Shortly after Jeff woke up, he decided to go see the Maria and his companions to investigate what was going on by himself and get answers for at least the most important question for him. About how did Jaden fuse with him and reside in his Inner Realm. He wanted to seek answers himself instead of waiting for Scarlett to come back, since the curiosity began to disturb him. It didn’t took too much for him to meet Ephraim, who was walking around.


     Jeff: --turning on the corner of the debris blocking the way--

     Ephraim: --Turning on the same corner, bumps Jeff and makes him fall-- Ah! Jeff!

     Jeff: --Lands on his butt-- … Gee, you guys don’t flinch with anything… --Standing up-- What are you doing here? I thought you were with the guys?

     Ephraim: --Helps him get up-- I was gonna ask the same… Sorry about that, by the way --Laughs nervously-- You ok?

     Jeff: Yeah, yeah… So, you didn’t answer my question…

     Ephraim: I wanted to talk with you about something.

     Jeff: The same here, actually… I rather find answers, first… I'm the confused guy here.

     Ephraim: Hey, come on, just this question first! Scarlett told me that Jaden is within you. She explained that for some reason, you ended up absorbing him and now... Well, he's in that predicament...

     Jeff: Ahh… Whoa, she knew that…? --Shakes head-- Yes, he is. How did she know, though?

     Ephraim: --Sighs deeply in relief-- Oh my God, praise the Savior King he’s ok… --Knocks Jeff’s head-- Moron!

     Jeff: Ow! Hey, why was that!?

     Ephraim: That was meant for Jaden, don’t take it personal… --Awkward--

     Jeff: Gee, can’t you just go in and give him what he deserves…? I'm not supposed to receive that!

     Jaden: Hey, I heard that, you little-

     Jeff: Yeah, yeah, you just shut up, Jaden! --Yells to his head--

     Ephraim: Yeah, he can be reckless sometimes… Most of the times, actually... --Rubs face-- He’s just like that…

     Jeff: Well, you’re his brother, you should teach him a thing or two… By the way… Where is Joshua? And Maria? Scarlett?

     Ephraim: Joshua told us he was going to bring all your equipment here so I think Maria and Scarlett went to help him. That’s one of the reasons I came over. Can’t leave you alone --Chuckles and ruffles hair-- Gotta babysit you two until they come back.

     Jeff: Gee, you sure are Joshua’s Soul Link, aren’t ya? You guys are alike… --Getting hair ruffled-- And I’m not a kid anymore, stop it.

     Ephraim: Well, we both must take care of you, kids!

     Jeff: I’m almost 18!

     Jaden: And I'm as old as him, just age-locked... --Mutters to himself--

     Ephraim: You’re still 17, so that doesn’t count yet!

     Jeff: --Grunts-- Dude… Hey… Mind if we talk to kill some time? --Disgusted--

     Ephraim: Well, sure, why not?


They began walking back to the park where Jeff was sleeping these past nights.


     Jeff: …

     Ephraim: Something the matter?

     Jeff: … Huh? Ohh… Sorry, I got thoughtful for a bit. I’m fine.

     Ephraim: Confess your sorrows to Saint Ephraim, son --Chuckles, standing out his British accent--

     Jeff: --Sighs-- … Why are you guys here? I mean... You in this world. How did Jaden get separated from you? Why did Maria come until just a few days…?

     Ephraim: --Whistles, listening to the whole question list-- Wheeww, those are a lot of questions… Well, the time has come for you to know, I think…

     Jeff: What do you mean?

     Ephraim: Welp, kiddo, for most of the human worlds, and if you're a fellow Christian... That's how you call them here, right?

     Jeff: Eh... Yeah, pretty much --Looks up at him-- What does this have to do with Christianity?

     Ephraim: So, being a Christian... I bet you've heard a bit of the Armaggedon, haven't you? --Looks at him--

     Jeff: … You’re kidding… Armaggedon... Are you seriously telling me-

     Ephraim: Ah… No! --Interrupts him all of the sudden-- Let's not just assume things without a basis, ok?

     Jeff: You just explain, got it? I'm not in the position to make assumptions... So, back to... A-Armaggedon --He sounds rather insecure, now-- 

     Ephraim: Right... It's a complicated story. I'm not even sure what's going on, right now, but know it's serious. Are you up to for a story?

     Jeff: I guess… Go ahead.

     Ephraim: --Nods-- My friend Alexander came to this world around a decade ago, since the human he was watching over was in troubles. He didn't really tell me a lot back then, since it's always very personal when things like that happen. But anyways. He found out during his matters that the woman he was protecting was being part of a group of humans doing experimentations with demonic knowledge...

     Jeff: Wait, so that woman ended up being some sort of traitor?

     Ephraim: Well, not exactly. She found out until it was too late. It's something known as Project ANGELS. That's what Alex told me when he came back...

     Jeff: Project... ANGELS...? --He looks at the city-- It sort of sounds familiar... I'll ask Joshua about it later... Continue.

     Ephraim: --Nods-- So in the end, Alex saved the woman and some of her fellows and came back home...

     Jeff: --Just looking at him, not saying anything since he's focused on listening--

     Ephraim: After what he told me, I did some research on your world. Do you know that people fought demons in ancient times in here? Saw them with their very own eyes? This happened in a place called Solfeo.

     Jeff: Wait... Solfeo? You mean it? --Looks at the city, as if looking at the sea beyond Land Alba-- We all know that Solfeo is... You can call it "holy land" because of the tales we all know... But I never knew about demons actually being here at the time... I guess... The creator came to Earth himself because that, and not only because humans...

     Ephraim: It's doesn't end there. Now you know that there was actually a war in Solfeo two thousand years ago, but I did some research after the events. There was a small group of demons that came back to this world by the time Alex came to protect that woman. And not only that. --Looks at the water canal-- Said group was actually involved with humans... Sounds familiar?

     Jeff: T-the Project ANGELS? --Looks at Eph in awe--

     Ephraim: Would make a lot of sense, right? --Looks back at him and smiles a bit confidently-- But I doubt about it. It might be a small part, but the group of demons I'm talking about might be looking for something else...

     Jeff: Something else...? More important... What might that be...?

     Ephraim: A gate. --He simply said, not telling him more--

     Jeff: ... A gate? --He looked at Ephraim confused-- For what? What could they pass across it- --He quickly stops and thinks... His eyes get wide open in shock-- Could it be... Do they want to come here?

     Ephraim: That is our mission, right now. I really can't tell you about this just yet, Jeff... I already gave you information enough to process.

     Jeff: Are you saying... Are they trying to get rid of us? Geez... --He rubs his head and looks down at the ground as he walks along with Ephraim-- This... This is too much...

     Ephraim: The tip of the iceberg, dude --Raises his hand and swings his hand horizontally, as if marking some height, chuckling in the process-- I know it can be quite intriguing.

     Jeff: It's alarming... --He covers his mouth, really deep in thoughts-- ... All this just because humans... I-I can't even- --He laughs a bit, not knowing how to react-- It's just so unbeliveable, and yet... --Stutters for a couple of seconds-- And you guys... I mean, angels... Why...? --Looks at Ephraim, looking for a solid answer--

     Ephraim: ... Heh... --He just grins at him-- That's our work, as simple as that. I could really tell you, but that will just make you feel even more confused, but we are fated to be the guardians of humankind... Servants of you and our Savior King. No matter the cost.

     Jeff: ... Such sacrifice... I can't picture anyone willing to sacrifice this much just because humans... I'm speechless... I've know this my whole life, but it's so heavy, now... The feeling of... You could call it gratitude? --Looks at his hands--

     Ephraim: Hey, no need to feel like that --Laughs a bit and pats his back-- You know what some people say. "The gift of God" And all kinds of stuff like that, but really, you have the right to live be happy just like anyone else. If it helps you, I became a Guardian Angel just because I don't see myself that different from humans. I really wish to live just like you, with all the everyday troubles and silly things that make it a funny existence! You don't really see how wonderful most of the humans can be, really.

     Jeff: Even when we can be really nasty, sometimes? So many wars, corruption, hatred... You know, I don't really feel that proud of my race, if you ask me.

     Ephraim: Hey, just because people says that humans are a cancer doesn't mean you must become a cancer. Don't let the very few horrible people ruin that. Do some research yourself about the history of this world and you'll be amazed by what you'll find, I can assure you that --Chuckles and ruffles his hair once again-- Now cheer up a little, huh?

     Jeff: ... --Smiles a bit as Ephraim ruffles his hair-- Well, it made me feel a bit better, I won't lie... Hey, you know something funny? --Looks up at him-- Now that I managed to meet you, angels don't seem to be like what everyone usually thinks.

     Ephraim: Huh? Wait, so you guys imagined us as different beings? --He sounds a bit amazed--

     Jeff: Well, yeah... --He blinks-- People says that angels are almost god-like, with light surrounding them, acting a lot like spirits with one single purpose, shocking the heck out of us just with their appearances of greatfulness and gracefulness! I mean, no one would actually believe you're an angel if you didn't really show your powers!

     Ephraim: Hah! You haven't met the seraphs that guard the gates to Heaven. Those guys are almost like statues, I tell ya! --Laughing a bit--

     Jeff: Even so, there's another bunch of people that see you as naive winged people that don't know what evil is and act and look all beautiful and cutesy with each step they give and-

     Ephraim: Wait, what the heck? I mean... Scarlett is one cute and refined lady, but where have you seen that, really? --He looks puzzled about the over-adorned definition of what an angels is--

    Jeff: In the media, to make the story short. Television, comics, books... --Rubs his arm and looks forward, a bit embarrassed all of the sudden-- W-well, the cutesy part was taken from... Well, you see, there are some comics and shows coming from Zipang here, and, well...

     Ephraim: Lemme guess... Manga? Anime?

     Jeff: --Just nods repeatedly, doing some agreeing sounds, still feeling a bit embarrassed-- You know it...

     Ephraim: --Laughs-- Ohh boy, yeah. Those things are somewhat entertaining to a point.

     Jeff: Well, yeah... The Zipanese culture nowadays makes plenty of things look... Out of place... I mean, all their angels are ridiculously beautiful and their demons are somewhat annoying, and-

     Ephraim: Oh, am I not beautiful, that's what you're saying? --Frowns a bit, looking at Jeff--

     Jeff: What are you implying? --Looks back at him, a bit suspicious--

     Ephraim: --Laughs to himself, covering his eyes-- Sorry, just an inside joke. Ok, sorry. But yeah, we come in all colors and shapes, actually! Just like... Every living thing, yep.

     Jeff: Heh. Well, I'm in a better mood, that's for sure. So thanks a bunch, Eph. I learned a lot today.

     Ephraim: Well, you sure learn new things everyday, right? --Grinning as they keep walking--

     Jeff: Indeed… --Chuckles a bit-- Talking about new things... --Takes the pendant Maria gave to him and turns it into a sword--

     Ephraim: Ohh... Of course. You could materialize weapons like an angel, I forgot that --Pays attention to the blade in Jeff's hand--

     Jeff: I've been wondering... How do you do this? It feels a lot like magic, but...

     Ephraim: Well, it's more simple than that. It's the work of faith, willpower... And some help from my brother Jaden --Chuckles--

     Jeff: Faith…? Willpower? You're making it sound a lot like in anime, Eph... --Glances at Ephraim with suspicion-- You're making me feel I'm in some sort of story written by someone behind his laptop.

     Ephraim: I'm serious here, I swear! --He just beams and materializes his spear, taking it with both hands and looking at it closely-- We angels learn how to forge our own weapons. These weapons serve us since the day we forge them, until the day we die. Guardian Angels are trained in a way they become one with the weapon. You could say that this spear is a part of me, my beliefs, my goals and my motivation... All that is the sword you're holding. What you believe and what you want to achieve made solid. The pendant is just an additional tool we have for humans in case danger comes. Um... Can I? --Asks to Jeff to hand the sword--

     Jeff: Oh... Sure --Nods and hands it over-- Maria threw the pendant at me... I think she expected it to become some sort of barrier...?

     Ephraim: Pretty much... It's a ver fine sword, I've got to say... --Hands it back-- But why the long handle?

     Jeff: I don't really know... It is almost as long as the blade itself... --Looks at it carefully-- So, with this sword... It'll be easier to kill demons?

     Ephraim: Hey, easy there, knight-in-the-make! I never said anything about skills! But nothing some sparring can't fix!

     Jeff: Huh? --Blinks at him--

     Ephraim: --Stands back and makes a long spear with a long red ribbon tied below the spearhead appear in his hand and gets ready to attack-- Come on, little man! Let's spar!

     Jeff: He-hey! Wh-what do you think you’re doing!? --Stands back--

     Ephraim: What? Come on, a small spar won't hurt!--Charges at him--

     Jeff: --Yelps and evades-- What has gotten into you, Eph!?

     Ephraim: Pretty good evasion! That's good, but try to make that into successful counters! --Attacks him once again--

     Jeff: --Tries to evade him, but has no time enough so ends up blocking him-- At least be less aggressive, dang it!

     Ephraim: Oh, nice block! You got to perfect it, though! Nothing some hard practice can fix, as well! --Pushing him, making him stand back--

     Jeff: --giving steps backwards, trying to stop him-- Dude...! You're a seasoned soldier, I'm just a simple boy! --Snarling--

     Ephraim: --Pushes him away-- … --Sighs-- Man, really? --Moves head no-- You'll have to improve those battle skills, want it or not. Do I need to remind you the situation we're all in?

     Jeff: At least warn me next time, geez... --Makes the sword disappear-- You scared me to death!

     Ephraim: The beliefs and willpower to act is meaningful, Jeff. But you need to train and become a swordsman... Considering the circumstances, that's the only option you have. --Starts walking away-- Come on, I'll start giving you some lessons.

     Jeff: --Looks at him walking away-- … H-hey, wait! --Catches up-- You're not talking about... Something like the training I got from Joshua back then, are you?

     Ephraim: --Suddenly stops and gasps, as if a cold feeling were running through his spine--

     Jeff: Huh? Hey you ok- --Starts feeling the same reaction-- …

     Ephraim: … You felt the same chill I felt, didn't you...? --Looks at him--

     Jeff: … I-I did...

     Jaden: --Talking-- Take a guess, Einsitein!

     Jeff: … --Gulps-- A demons is coming...

     Jaden: Clearly! But this time felt too intense... Wasn't as gradual as with Frexios... Something's wrong.

     ???: --A sultry giggle sounds behind them-- Mmm, well, well… I didn’t expect to find some exquisite prey wandering around this destroyed and saddening city... --The voice of a young woman begun sounding--


Ephraim and Jeff turned back to see a woman in an exposing armor and high heel shoes, resembling the well-known succubi garments. She also had goat horns and a lion tail. Long, grayish white hair decorated her and a several purplish markings around her neck and shoulders and mild-dark skin were visible. She approached to them slowly as she wagged her tail side to side. A sheathed blade was also seen on her waist.


     Jaden: Ah, crap… Not this girl again…

     Jeff: --To Jaden-- Y-you know her?

     Ephraim: Jeff, stand back --Covers him with his arm-- Who are you?

     Jaden: That’s the one she nearly killed me…

     Seiko: --Covers her mouth in a seductive manner and giggles-- Oh my~ Interested in me already? I must be really beautiful for you to ask my name... --Stops walking, standing with one leg in front of the other, taking her tail and caressing it-- The name’s Seiko… --Looks at him lustfully--

     Ephraim: --Swings his spear, going to combat stance-- Jeff… I want you to run when I attack, her. Got it…? --Whispering to him--

     Jeff: Gh… --Stands back a few steps--

     Seiko: No need to be violent… We all know how men can be so insensitive, sometimes… Hehe… --Grinning--

     Ephraim: --Prepares to charge-- The only thing I hope from you is that you put up the fight... You'll make me a favor, I need some to warm up...

     Seiko: My, my… --Smiles, fingering her tail, bites her lips a bit-- I love rude men… So energetic. I wonder how’s the kid, though~ He looks kind of cute~

     Ephraim: --Quickly dashes toward her and pierces--

     Jeff: --Stands back, but stops, getting a cold sting on his back once again--

     Jaden: Another one! Watch your back!

     Jeff: --Instinctively materializes his sword and swings it. The attack was soon blocked by a lesser demon who managed to lurked close to them when they were distracted--

     Seiko: --Evades the attack rolling on her side and unsheathes a peculiar sword, blocking him-- Hmm, well, you've got some moves... --Grins, getting close to his face-- But I hope you last longer than this...

     Ephraim: --Grunts and grits his teeth, then looks back and notices that Jeff’s in troubles-- Dammit...

     Seiko --Slaps Ephraim and jumps back, then swings her sword onto the ground and turns into a chain-made whip and lashes, grabbing Ephraim by the neck-- Teh heh~

     Jaden: You better finish him, Jeff! Eph got some troubles himself...

     Lesser Demon: Mistress! He found out!

     Seiko: --Pulling Eph closer-- Bring. The kid. Alive.

     Ephraim: --Getting chocked, tries to release the whip--

     Lesser Demon: Don’t resist, kid! What mistress wishes, she has it!

     Jeff: --Suspires rapidly and kicks him on the stomach-- She’s too quick… I didn’t see that coming…

     Lesser Demon: Ough! --Stands back-- You idio- --Sees Jeff coming--

     Jeff: --Quickly dashing, cries out and stabs him on the chest--

     Seiko: Oh, no you won't, dalring! Haven't you heard that a lady needs her vassals!? --Pulls and sends Ephraim flying over her-- I don't want you to cut you into pieces~

     Jeff: --Jumps back and sees the demon falling-- I… I k-killed him… --Has a shocked expression on his face--

     Ephraim: --Grunts and manages to cut the whip, landing on his knees, coughing--

     Seiko: --Turns the whip into sword again and dashes toward Jeff--

     Jaden: Turn, she's coming!

     Jeff: --Turns back and sees Seiko coming for him. Swings his sword and slashes--

     Seiko: --Evades going below him and kicks him with the heel of her shoes on his stomach--

     Jeff: --His pupils get small as he receives the kick and jumps back, kneeling and grabbing his stomach-- … --Growls, panting heavily-- J-Jad…

     Jaden: M-Moron, you need to get us outta here…! You're no match for her... --Says as he feels the sting of her heel just like Jeff did--

     Seiko: --Stands up and smiles to Jeff-- Don’t fight back, sweetheart… The poison won’t work on you, and I want it to work… Your friend should listen as well, because I plan to bring both of you with me... --Giggles and makes a small cut over Jeff’s neck--

     Ephraim: --Rises his head and stands up, but soon gets paralyzed. His arms and legs weaken and falls on the floor-- P-poison...? What is she trying to do...? --Tries to stand up-- Crap... At this rate, we're going to become her breakfast...

     Seiko: Now now, I want to look closer… Hm…? --Pulls Jeff from his shirt and makes him stand up, pulling him really close to her-- Afraid…? Is this your first time…? --Smiles lustfully at him, then walks around him-- At first glance, you seem… Average… Thin… Young, and you have a soft glance… --Caressing his torso and back-- I can feel your blood running… I’m eager to taste you and discover your flavor… --Stops in front of him, pretty close to his face, with a soft, yet menacing glance. Her hair soon turns dark blue and her markings disappear, seeming more human, now-- Will you let me…?

     Jeff: --Looking down at her, tries to move away, but his limbs doesn’t respond. Unable to move, just stays there. His blood soon starts feeling strange… As if a cold, icy river turned into boiling water… The heat increasing, going through all his veins, as if a forbidden desire were running rampant around his body, and yet, unable to control a finger, standing there and seeing how he's getting closer to his doom-- I can't move... Not even with this sensation...!

     Seiko: --Lets his shirt go and makes him stand up straight-- Good boy… --Tilts her head and leans over his wound and nuzzles over it-- Does this tickle…? Hm?

     Jeff: --Trying his best to stay sane, but his eyes are slowly turning yellow-- W-we need to… Dammit…! --Breathes nervously, afraid of what she would do next--

     Jaden: --No answer--

     Seiko: --Slowly starts licking over the wound and gasps a bit-- … No way… You… --Kisses over it, feeling a good taste on his blood. Her breath soon gets heavier and a bit shaky. Rests all her body over his chest-- Mm… --Embraces him tightly, digging her nails in his clothing, like a tiger to its prey, each taste of his blood makes her feel more and more excited. Despite controlling the situation, her lust is starting to get to her mind her, becoming more like a starving predator each moment that passes--

     Jeff: I can't even think straight... This demon is gonna... I need to...! --Does all his effort to move, but it seems useless--

     Seiko: --Closes her eyes, letting some lagged moans out-- You taste… So sweet… --Stops and looks into his eyes-- You’re an adorable boy… --Puts her hand over his cheek-- I like rough men… But you… You taste so sweet… Your soul tastes like delightful chocolate… --Talking in middle of her panting-- This feeling… It’s been so long since I’ve had such sweet taste on someone… My body itches…

     Ephraim: --Standing up, looks at the scene-- Jeff…! --Trying to stay standing with his spear-- She screwed me up real bad...!

     Jaden:  J-Jeff… --Sounding weak-- Lend me you’re strength…

     Jeff: W-what…? --His eyes slowly getting distant-- My… Strength…

     Seiko: I want you to be my treasure… --Unbuttons one of two buttons holding the chest plate covering her bust, slightly uncovering and letting the cloth fall over Jeff’s hoodie-- I want more of you… My little toy…~

     Jaden: Jeff, hurry…!!!

     Jeff: --His eyes turn white--

     Seiko: … Your eyes…

     Jeff: --Some seconds later, his eyes come back, but in an intense and shining blue color. He slowly turns his head, looking at her, lips almost touching--

     Seiko: They changed…

     Jeff: --Frowns and grits teeth, gripping the handle of his sword tightly--

     Seiko: You... You’re an angel…! --Shocked--

     Jaden: --Switching souls with Jeff, pushes her away and rolls, transforming the thin sword into a large greatsword, swings with enough force to break bones and hits Seiko, sending her away, almost dropping her to the water canal-- Bastard… You better remember the face of the boy you let escape! --Panting, barely standing, shaking, then begins walking--Because this is the day you regret the day you let me live, you piece of trash... --Smirks--

     Seiko: --Gets a hold of her armor and buttons it back-- You… You’re the kid we found at the fortress…! For some reasone you seemed familiar...

     Ephraim: --Cries out fiercely and lets a large burst of blue aura come out his back, in shape of wings, then charges at Seiko, with recovered strengths--

     Seiko: --Turns and sees Eph then jumps aside, rubbing her ribs-- That kid…

     Ephraim: --Rolls in the air and changes direction, ready to pierce Seiko and nail her to the ground--

     Seiko: --Grits teeth and rolls onto her back, barely missing the crushing attack Eph performed--

     Ephraim: I should have expected you succubi would use tricks like those... --Cracks a small smile-- You really messed me up... I underestimated you...

     Seiko: I didn't expect angels to come here... What are you doing here...!?


Jaden appeared right behind Seiko, pouncing over her and ready to heavy slash her. It was until another demon appeared to block him with a pair of curved blades tied to a belt on his waist. He looked young, with a long, dark red Mohawk ending on a large fringe covering his left eye and cheek. The sides of his head were shorter, almost shaved, but long enough to cover the skin. His eyes were sharp and had a greenish yellow tone. He was wearing a thief-like outfit.


     ???: I’m starting to get sick tired of saving your sorry ass, Seiko. Try using your time to fight instead of seducing people like these…

     Jaden: --Grunts, still pushing his sword against this new enemy--

     Seiko: I was hoping Ehxas to come save me, not you, Ulrik!

     Ephraim: E-Ehxas…? Ehxas... That name... --Paying attention to any additional detail-- She seems familiar, as well...

     Ulrik: I would have left you by your own luck with these guys, instead… --Smirks at Jaden, challenging him--

     Ephraim: … --Shakes head-- Jeff! Step aside! --Jumps over them and prepares to throw his spear--

     Jaden: --Jumps back covers himself with his greatsword--

     Ephraim: --Throws it at them--

     Ulrik: --Takes her from her suit and jumps aside, away from the falling spear--


Ephraim’s spear lands and creates a crack on the street. As soon as it falls, Ephraim pulls himself with the lace tied on it and lands over, making the crack bigger. Jaden only manages to cover himself from the rocks flying in all directions.


     Ulrik: --Grunts-- Seiko, you always have issues with high ranked light maggots…

     Seiko: … I think he broke my ribs… --Looks at Jaden in pain-- How dares he…?

     Jaden: -Looks at Seiko-- …

     Seiko: I was thinking about bringing him, but now I just want to kill him...

     Ephraim: Jeff… Gh-! --Grabs his neck-- Run… Run away… --Runs slowly toward both of them, preparing to attack-- I'll catch up...!

     Ulrik: Oh no, pal. I have a reputation to defend and I won't let you ruin it! --Dashes toward him--

     Ephraim: --Jumps, trying to land a hit on Ulrik--

     Ulrik: --Jumps and intercepts him, striking back, sending him away--

     Seiko: --Moaning in pain, walks away, taking the chance and leave Ulrik do the rest of the work--

     Jeff: … Jaden, you heard him… --Eyes turning green, again-- We must go…

     Jaden: The hell we're leaving...! You've got another thing coming if you thing I'm abandoning my brother- --He suddenly coughs a bit--


Deep inside Jeff’s soul, in his Inner Realm, Jaden is walking around the room, trying to ease the pain from the damage Seiko has already done.


     Jaden: Don’t you dare leaving...! --Sweating, the cracks he had healed are beginning to open once again, though he ignores the damage he’s doing to himself--

     Jeff: Y-you must trust him…!

     Jaden: I-I'm not leaving Eph behind...!

     Jeff: He told me to keep you safe…

     Jaden: Don't argue with me and do something...! --The cracks get even bigger, reaching his face-- He's going to...


Back outside, Ephraim’s doing his best to win some time for Jeff to run away, holding Ulrik as much as he can, each blow he makes slows him down and makes him reach the collapse point


     Jeff: --Looking at Eph doing his effort protecting him-- … Jaden, we must go… --Turns back--

     Jaden: Jeff, go do something, dammit! He's the only...

     Jeff: --Suddenly stops-- … The only thing you have… --Grits teeth after hearing the words and suspires-- Those words...

     Jaden: ... Please...

     Jeff: --Shuts his eyes-- … --Turns back and runs toward Ulrik, turning back the greatsword into the thin blade he originally had and throws it at him as a dart-- EPH!

     Ephraim: --Looks as Jeff calls out for his name and sees the sword coming. He soon reachs at dashes toward Ulrik--

     Ulrik: What the- --Seeing that Ephraim was charging at him, reacts and prepares to attack. He manages to slash on his back but soon was rammed by him. Jeff's sword lands on his shoulder, falling on the ground, making a wide gash. He yells in pain and tries to retreat-- Let go! --Kicks Ephraim away--

     Ephraim: --Gets kicked away, just falling on the ground due the poison effect on him and the new wounds, exhausted--

     Seiko: Ulrik!

     Jeff: Eph…! --Glances in shock how he falls defeated-- Ephraim!!

     Jaden: --Inside Jeff’s Inner Realm, watching how his brother is falling down-- E-Ephraim... --Growls lightly at the sight--

     Ulrik: --Angry, targets Jeff as a next target and runs rapidly toward him-- you’ll regret doing that, you son of a bitch…

     Seiko: … This might get interesting real soon… --Stops her escape and watches--


Jeff’s eyes change color once again, from his pale green to the blazing blue. Runs toward Ulrik unarmed, doing one last ditch effort against the one who harmed his brother.


     Ulrik: --With his left arm, raises his sword to strike him and deal a lethal blow--

     Jaden: --Taking over Jeff’s body in utter rage, rams Ulrik with his whole body, taking him in surprise. He soon grabs Ulrik’s injured arm to crunch the wound with his hands--

     Ulrik: --Growling in pain, punches his head several times-- You little shit!!

     Jaden: you WRETCHED BEAST! --Being hit several times, manages to return them with equal strength with small tears forming in his eyes. Jaden then throws him away and makes him land over the debris of the nearing buildings--

     Ulrik: --Falls on the ground, shaking weakly-- ... D-dammit... How could he...?

     Jaden: --He soon rubs his face a bit, walking toward Ulrik, whimpering lightly-- I'm not gonna forgive you for this...!

     Seiko: --Sneaked behind and ran toward the enraged boy. As soon as she got close, he grabbed his head and took his hands, restraining him-- You will not get away this easily...


A dark circle soon appears around Jaden, along several symbols spinning around it. Seiko was casting a curse over him, bringing Jeff out from his Realm and using him as advantage.


     Seiko: Show me the darkest places of your mind! Show me your fears. Show me your hatred. Show me your desires. Show me the demons that reside deep inside!

"Demon Unveil"

     Jeff: --As soon she finished, his thoughts were slowly being flooded with his deepest fears, wishes and grudges… Some markings soon appear on his right arm, slowly forming three names in some kind of ancient language… “Fear” “Wish” “Hatred”... The three words were soon engraved as in stone--

     Seiko: --As she keeps going with the curse, a dark whirlwind blows around them, enveloping them in darkness--


Jeff lets out a sorrowful yell getting filled with agony… The memories she used to create the whirlwind were getting materialized into three dark figures in front of him… One tall and towering. One looking like a woman, one looking old and thin…


     Seiko: --Finishes and lets Jeff go-- … -Looks at the three figures-- Who could have thought… This kid had such powerful demons deep inside him…? --Laughing, covering her mouth, then walks in front to look at them-- … I might use you all well… --Looks at the big one interested-- Especially you… Go pick Ulrik and bring me back to our place… Odite… --Smiles--

     Odite: --Simply nods and goes to pick Ulrik up--

     Seiko: --Looks back at Jeff-- Dear… Please don’t die… --Giggles-- I still have plans for you… --Throws him a kiss and walks away with the figures, vanishing away--

     Jeff: --Looking up at the sky in tears. He seems to be completely shattered, both physically and emotionally, whimpering really weakly-- …

     Ephraim: --Laying down, panting weakly, moves his head to look at Jeff-- J-Jeff… Jaden…


Soon, another figure appeared from behind the buildings… It was Maria. Feeling that something was happening with Jeff, she travelled all the way looking for Jeff and Ephraim to support, but it was late… She couldn’t reach them in time, and now had to see the scene of their defeat.


     Maria: --Runs and goes to check Ephraim-- Eph! --Kneels down and checks him-- Eph, what did just happen here!?

     Ephraim: --Looks at her-- Jeff… Go… Help… ! --Coughs and gasps, cracks going through his neck--

     Maria: Eph, don’t talk! I’ll bring Scarlett right away, just… Just hold on, ok!? --Goes to check Jeff-- Jeff! Hey, look at me! I’m over here!

     Jeff: --His expression weakens, his body as well-- Someone save me… From this hell… --Manages to whisper before falling in Maria’s arms--

     Maria: J-Jeff…? --Catches and hugs him-- … Jeff! Can you hear me!? --He moves him to look into his eyes--

     Jeff: --No answer at all. He is finally unconscious--

     Maria: --Looks down and hugs him tightly-- Dammit...! Dammit, Hang on, Jeff...! --Pulls her hair slighly, showing anger toward herself--

     Ephraim: … --Closes his eyes-- I-It all will be ok... G-guys...


Several hours later, somewhere outside the Land Alba city… There was a castle hidden between hills, looking more like a mansion. Seiko and the other creatures were walking over the road leading to the place, making it clear that this was their stronghold.


     Seiko: --Sitting over Odite’s shoulder, what it seems a Hatred spirit-- You’re a strong one, Odite… --Playing with his hair--

     Ulrik: … --Grunting, coming back-- Agh… Damn… Seiko…?

     Seiko: Welcome back, my hero… Look what I have made, by the way~

     Ulrik: … Who’s this big guy…?

     Seiko: Just one of the three toys I made from that kid~ Say hi to Odite, Metus and Cupiditas!

     Ulrik: … Agh… Those are latin words for… Hated, Fear and Desire…? Don’t tell me you made it again… --Tries to touch his wounded arm-- Last time, you stayed in your room for days, “polishing” their attitude…

     Seiko: Not this time, dear~ This time they already have it! I found a guy with enough remorseful memories… To create the perfect puppets… And do my biding~ This will be wonderful! --Delighted, laughs to herself--

     Cupiditas: --The Desire Spirit-- Yes, Mistress…

     Metus: --The Fear Spirit-- Your orders shall be obeyed, Mistress…

     Seiko: They’re so obedient!

     Ulrik: I just wanna see how you explain this to Ehxas… And that other guy leading the whole group… What was his name…?

     Seiko: I don’t pay attention to details… The only one I follow is my dearly General! No one else!

     Ulrik: Yeah, you’re his lapdog… It’s only matter of time he starts using you as the pawn you are for him, just like he has done countless times...

     Seiko: Shut your mouth, scoundrel! These are my beauties! Besides… He won’t ever do that to me…

     Ulrik: Hah… How can you tell? --Laughing mockingly-- Give me a break, Seiko. How many times has he played with you like that, huh...? --Grunts a bit-- Shit, my arm hurts as hell... Just give up already, he won't come back...

     Seiko: … Shut it, Ulrik. He changed a lot...

     Ulrik: Hah… Keep telling me jokes like that. You'd do perfectly as a comediant...


They finally reach the gate of the mansion and go in. Seiko then orders the spirits to carry her to the leader’s room.


     Seiko: --Smiling-- Put me down, Odite.

     Odite: --Lets her down, just as she said--

     Seiko: --Prepares to knock the door--

     ???: --A demon wearing a heavy armor was standing there, resting his back on the wall. His hair was short and black. He also had a thin goatee. Nothing much from him, his armor covered all but his face-- You went out without permission…

     Seiko: Oh… --Looks at him-- Agair, dear… Your superior gave me permission. --Goes and looks up at him, fingering his armor--

     Agair: You created an invocation spell with a human soul. Again... And… Your uniform is barely holding together. And you still expect to talk with the General after what you’ve done? The most he’ll do is kick you out of his room… --Shoves her hand away and walks to his room-- Good luck with Ehxas. I don't want to hear the incoming rant.

     Seiko: Ugh, this man! You're so close-minded, Agair… So disciplined…

     Ulrik: --Standing now-- You failed on him as well… Well, looks like you're not really that successful with your love interests...

     Seiko: You prick. Go sharpen your blades or something...

     Ulrik: --Smirks-- You're kidding? I wanna see what face you put when he comes out…


Some lesser demons wearing basic armors open the door of the room. It was all dark, only the light of outside was entering…


     Seiko: … Where is the General…?

     Lesser Demon: Umm… He’s in here, Mistress…

     Seiko: In the dark...? Doing what? --Giggles a bit-- Anyways, thank you, dear… --Walks inside-- General…?

     Guard 1: --Clears throat and looks at her suit barely in place--

     ???: Guards, leave the room… And close the door. I have to talk general to general.

      Guard 1 and 2: --Stutter but nod and leave the room, closing the door--

Both Seiko and this mysterious man, hidden in shadows, only lit by the weak moonlight, blocked by the thick curtains stayed in. The man was in front of the bookshelf, taking and placing book after book.


     Seiko: It’s so dark in here…~ What are you planning, my General~? You see, I'm quite happy right now, and-

     ???: Why don't you take seat? I'm looking for a book...

     Seiko: … --Nods and sits down--

     ???: I told you to stay in here until our scouts return... You didn’t hear. --Takes a book from the shelf and opens it, reading the first pages--

     Seiko: Yes, but-

     ???: And when you come back, you bring three creations of yours without my consent to who knows what. Again, you didn’t hear…

     Seiko: General Ehx-

     ???: And you come back injured, and made Ulrik get injured as well after saving you… You know what that means right…? The five of us who are going to take over this miserable world cannot allow this. It's unacceptable! We can’t be defeated by mere lightworms! We've advanced so much! And not average lightworms… You were lucky Ulrik got to take you back. You wouldn’t have made it if it weren’t for him.

     Seiko: … Not average…? What do you mean…?

     ???: The man I hired to investigate came back with the information I needed… Althea sent a vanguard unit... I'm guessing it's the best they have.

     Seiko: Vanguards...? --Blinks, not actually getting it--

     ???: Don't you remember the Althean Vanguards? The best soldiers the Kingdom of Althea have. Soldiers that have prevented and won countless battles against demons... The ones that first attacked our kingdom Hellios two thousand years ago. Althean Vanguards are the main reason demons don't come here... 

     Seiko: If they’re so special, then how can you explain that we won the battle of today...? --Fingers around her collarbone, smiling to herself-- Me and Ulrik probably killed two of them today... So why to worry?

     ???: Probably? How are you so sure about it, tell me! They might retreat and recover! You caught them off guard! --Closes the book-- And they won't forgive any mistake they made. They might be outnumbered, but you gotta learn not to understimate anyone stopping us from our goals, Seiko. Especially them. They're persistent. We've killed so many of them, and yet the remaining ones refuse to die. You simply cannot kill them that easily...

     Seiko: --Stands up-- And how are you so sure about it!? You're always so serious, you never relax! Take a break and let me take care of business! You gotta trust me just like when-

     ???: --Gets closer to her. A glare was clearly visible as she began rising her voice against him. He stood up firmly right in front of her-- It is because you never take things seriously... --In a grim tone-- It is because people with that attitude that we escaped from hell, in the first place... Do I have to remind you the atrocities they dared doing to us to make you understand that we can't just relax? 

     Seiko: --Stands back slowly, getting a bit scared-- I-I... --Getting thoughts to mind, looks away and rubs her arm in sumission-- … I am sorry to rise my voice against you, sir… I should have been careful...

     ???: ... --Turns back and returns with his book-- I can't simply forget the Vanguards, Seiko... Not after everything they did to us... Please, keep that in mind... I can't risk losing you in such critical situation.

     Seiko: --Stands firmly and bows, apologetically-- Forgive me for my ignorance and daring. It won't happen again --sounds rather nervous--

     ???: Good... Stay obedient next time. Understand? --Goes to his desk and sits down on his chair--

     Seiko: Y-yes! I'll be by your side until my death! You know I will be always loyal to you, sir... N-No matter what...

     ???: I want you and Ulrik to get treated from whatever injuries you have and wait for my instructions.

     Seiko: Yes... As you order... --Straightens-- ... --Looks to the floor, looking a bit sad-- He's becoming colder again...

     ???: ... Remember the reason why I'm so strict with you, Seiko... You can leave now...

     Seiko: --Blushes a bit and nods slowly and goes out-- ... --Suspires--

     ???: ... Seiko... --Sighs, a bit irritated and talks under his breath-- I'm sorry this is the only way I can make you understand... --Goes out to the balcony--

     Seiko: … --Closes the door--

     Ulrik: --Comes over when he looks she's going out-- So? What’s the punishment? Staying here and not going out to get rewards? --Smirks--

     Seiko: … Shut up, Ulrik... I'm not in the mood. --Walks away--

     Ulrik: --Laughs mockingly-- … You wanted so much the soul of that kid… What a shame you won’t see him until he’s dead and his soul in LightwormLand…

     Seiko: … Odite! To my room! --Walks to the central room in the mansion and opens the door--

     Ulrik: So where are you going? To cry and comfort yourself? --Walking downstairs-- You sometimes make me feel pity for you... This is not what you used to be, ya'now? You weren't that needy...

     Seiko: I’m going to heal myself… My ribs still hurt because of that kid… --Strips off her worn out armor and lets it fall on the floor as she walks inside-- Odite! Close the door! And lock it... I don’t want anybody to see or talk to me...

     Odite: --Closes the door--

     Ulrik: --Looks the door closing and walks down to the clinic-- She is becoming disgusting again... --Rubs his arm then his face. tiredly-- Idiot...

To be continued..
Guardian Angel Chronicles: Chapter 6

Since this story involves demons as well, then there must be a succubus around here... Aaaaand the one i designed for this story is pretty much... She exceeds the boundaries of what's moral with extreme ease... So yeah... Also, i used some strong language. More than i usually use, that is... So another disclaimer :v That being said...


It's been like two months since i visited here, huh? ;w; You should already expect that i barely visit due several circumstances... And since i got out of my writing hiatus, i took the chance to write something :I enjoy guys, this one's pretty long. And reached the climax of the story... One of them... Pretty fast... yep :I Enjoy


Some dialogue changes, added more dialogue regarding the bakcground story in the first part since I have built a solid background at last. It was bothering me a bit. Oh, and added a small feature I'd like to call "Signature Skill Display". It shows the name of a signature skill that a character has in centered, bold format. It's a bit flashy, compared to the rest of the text. Aside from that, nothing much.

Chapter 5: Guardian Angel Chronicles: Chapter 5

Chapter 7: Guardian Angels Chronicles: Chapter 7

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